Sarah-Nada Arfa



Sarah-Nada Arfa is a Londoner like many others, a city worker by day, and a yoga teacher, bodyworker and coach by night. After growing up in North Africa, spending her high school years in France, and studying in London, Paris and Bruges, she lived and worked in various European countries, France, Belgium and finally Luxembourg where she discovered yoga . If you bump into Sarah she would always be happy to chat about how there is a yoga style for you, being happy and "doing the magic first", how a life-threatening accident was her wake up call and how breathing, meditation and yoga saved her life.

At TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells, Sarah will share the idea that anyone can turn their inner turmoil into inner peace in a few seconds and for free. She’ll even show us how.

What 3 words would you use to describe your TEDx talk?
 Enlightening, soothing and handy  

What was the main motivation for you to do a TEDx talk?
Sharing with and empowering the public to unlock their own healing potential.

What do you hope the audience will feel after your TEDx talk?

Were there any challenges in the preparation of your TEDx talk?
Overcoming my own limiting beliefs and negative chatter about no one wanting to be hearing what I want to talk about.

Do you have any goals for your TEDx talk?

What is your favourite TED talk and why?
I love Brené Brown talk on vulnerability as I found it ground breaking and funny.


Why do you think Tunbridge Wells has proven to be such a welcoming and receptive audience for stories like yours?
I felt it was only natural for me to share my recipe for healing in the home of the Chalybeate Spring.

What advice would you give to other people considering giving a TEDx talk?

Finally, what’s the one change you’d like to see in the lives of our audience this year, following your talk?
To be more mindful of their breathing

You can find Sarah on Instagram and LinkedIn.