Get Back to Nature for Good Mental Health by Caroline Arnold

Get Back to Nature for Good Mental Health | Caroline Arnold 

Caroline Arnold is a Tunbridge Wells local who runs a charity on a 500 acre Organic Dairy Farm at Bore Place, near Chiddingstone. She’s passionate about the environment, the countryside and the great outdoors and actively works with young people to educate them about the environment, sustainability, and how getting out in nature can help manage mental health issues. While most of us are tapping on our phones, she's tapping into the productivity of the land and teaching others to live a more sustainable and natural life. Now doesn't that sound like a breath of fresh air? 

Here's why she'll give a terrific TEDx talk: Caroline will share her thoughts and experiences on why it is time to get back to some good old fashioned basics and how this can deliver great educational, vocational, self-esteem and confidence outcomes in the young people we work with. By the end of her talk, we’ll all be itching to get out of One Warwick Park and into the countryside!

Here's what Caroline wants you to take away from her talk: That working with others is important. Whether it's with people in different fields, or people or individuals in areas with common interests, working together will allow you to create important connections, build your networks and spark ideas for future collaborations.

Learn more about Caroline by visiting her on: Her websiteFacebook, and Twitter.