How to be Remembered by Dana Denis-Smith

How To Be Remembered | Dana Denis-Smith

To the question, 'Who are you?', you might be able to answer it in a few words. However, what about your children or perfect strangers in the future? How will they remember you? Help them remember the person you are by building your own biography proactively, now. If you want to be remembered, make sure to leave behind a box of memories to help history make sense of your life.

Founder of the First 100 Years Project, a ground-breaking history project that is putting women back in their place, by charting the journey of the women working in law since 1919. Celebrating these women and the progress of women in law is only possible with facts, such as names, dates, and cases; otherwise, she explains, history is simply analysis and opinion. Dana shows how looking at the past is both enriching and grounding, as well as a great place to learn how to shape the future.