I Try to Live My Life as a Thank You by Simon Harmer

I Try to Live My Life as a Thank You | Simon Harmer

Simon explains why he lives his life as a Thank You. Simon draws upon experiences many of us could not imagine and delivers them with a rare humour. 

He received a standing ovation, and deservedly so. 

Simon Harmer was a medic in the British Army and suffered life changing injuries on 26th October 2009. Whilst out on a patrol as the medic for the Coldstream Guards Simon activated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) which resulted in life threatening damage to both his legs and his right arm. As a result he lost his legs and endured five years of rehabilitation and surgery. Despite this, Simon's positive outlook and sense of humour has allowed him to lead his life from trauma to triumph. He has participated in numerous physical endurance challenges and since leaving the Armed Forces has worked hard to reinvent himself and his career.