What do You Think You’re Looking at? by Philip Clemo

What do You Think You’re Looking at? | Philip Clemo 

How would it feel if you no longer recognised your world? Could you learn to look in the way you listen to a piece of music?

Philip Clemo challenges familiarity through the use of cutting-edge technology to explore the hidden mysteries of the world all around us: even our own bodies can become alien landscapes when viewed through Clemo’s lens. In this TEDx he talks about his ground-breaking Breath Project www.breathproject.net

Hopes to give us an opportunity to explore the world as a two-year old might; the way a pre-verbal child might experience something for the first time. He invites us to go deeply into the experience of listening; pushing the creative boundaries of technology. Philip’s Breath Project is only the beginning; exploring non-verbal and pre-verbal communication for those hungry to experience the world around us without words.