3 Huge Problems with Care Homes, 1 Small Solution by Debbie Harris

3 Huge Problems With Care Homes, 1 Small Solution | Debbie Harris

Debbie Harris is passionate about family and believes that spending time together as a family and taking care of the younger and older members in our family is enormously important. This is especially true as our greying population is growing and many of our loved ones find themselves in care facilities where they lack the emotional and nutritional nourishment they need to thrive in their golden years.

A little bit about Debbie and why she'll give a terrific TEDx talk: Debbie Harris is the founder of Chosen with Care, an independent care home finding company. She believes that our older citiizens should be cherished. Their stories are the fabric of our nation and we should shine a spotlight on their achievements instead of allowing them to spend the end of their lives living invisibly amongst us.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Debbie and her team help self funding families find care homes across the South East of England. Debbie lives in Tunbridge Wells but was born in Birmingham and has lived in the South East of England for most of her life.

Here's what Debbie wants you to take away from her talk: Debbie wants the audience to start thinking inclusively about care homes. How can the younger generation work with care homes, so that both young and old benefit and are included in society?

You can learn more about Rebecca over on: TwitterFacebook, and her website.