Are You Guilty of Not Having it All? by Alexandra Bond

Are You Guilty Of Not Having It All? | Alexandra Bond

Have you heard of The Guilt Game? The one where you endlessly feel guilty about not doing enough, being enough, and achieving enough? The one where you compare yourself to others and feel like there's more you need to be doing? The Guilt Game is a game that many play but few enjoy, and TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells speaker, Alexandra Bond, thinks it's about time that we stopped playing it.

Here's why she'll give a terrific TEDx talk: Alexandra spent the last decade working on financial and creative event projects for GE Corporate, London 2012 DP, Regents College and Imperial College London. Since then, having trained in theatrical performance Alexandra led educational projects focusing on speech development, focus engagement and education using theatre and production techniques to build on those tricky communication skills that can stem from a lack of confidence. During her leap from project management to the creative sector, she used her evening and weekends to obtain a degree from Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, focusing projects on the spectator/ performer relationship and how we can harness these skills in performance and production for brand engagement. Over the years Alexandra has had the pleasure of working with Shakespeare4Kidz, Perform UK, and currently has the pleasure of working with Disney Theatrical Productions. Two years ago she started her own agency now rebranded as Bond Ambition – a creative business support agency based in the South East providing B2B event, promotional staffing and payroll in the UK, Europe and the United Emirates.

We all have a favourite TED talk or two. Here are Alexandra's: Barbra Streisand on women and medican research which gives fascinating insight into how medical research is conducted. Leila Hoteit: 3 Lessons on Success from an Arab Businesswoman in which she talks about being a working mom.

Here's what Alexandra wants you to take away from her talk: That you take some time to think about what you put out into the world, have a think about what people are really saying when they communicate, and ultimately take a breath, and realise that whilst there are fights that need to be fought, we are all doing much better than we thought.

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