The Power of Storytelling by Anna Wharton

The Power Of Storytelling | Anna Wharton

In a world that can often feel dominated by male voices, it can be difficult for a woman to find her voice - and most importantly, be heard. Tunbridge Wells local, Anna Wharton, will be focussing on the power of storytelling at TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWellsWomen. By sharing her own story, she'll show how all our stories are important and help make us laugh, cry, smile, empathise, and most importantly, learn. When women embrace the uniqueness of their own voice, they can to save lives, change hearts, and even change the world.

Here's why she'll give a terrific TEDx talk: Anna has spent the last 20 years working as a journalist, editor and ghostwriter. Her career has taken her from local evening newspapers, through women’s magazines to national newspapers - her last staff position being one of the executive editors on the Daily Mail. Since the birth of her daughter in 2012, she has been freelancing, writing columns for The Times, The Guardian, Grazia and Red among others, and she has been a regular pundit on shows such as This Morning and Good Morning Britain.

In the last few years, she has been working as a ghostwriter, and has written three memoirs; Breaking The Silence by Jo Milne, CUT: One Woman's Fight Against FGM in Britain Today by Hibo Wardere, and Brave by Adele Bellis. She is an expert storyteller and now she wants to share some of her story with you.

We all have a favourite TED talk. Here's Anna's: Jonny G: What Makes a Bestseller?

Here's what Anna wants you to take away from her talk: We are surrounded by stories, every single day. We switch on the TV, we pick up a newspaper, we meet with our friends. Each day we are taking in information, we are learning, we are developing, and this is all thanks to the power of storytelling. Everybody has a story inside them, but it is recognising that story, and bringing it to the fore. It is finding your voice, and therefore your confidence. It is speaking up and saying, this is me and this is what I have to tell you. And it’s important, and interesting, and therefore, so am I.

Learn more about Anna by folllowing her on: Twitter and her website.