The Robots are Coming… Look Busy by Laura Thomson

The Robots Are Coming… Look Busy | Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson loves robots! She has been developing and delivering culture change, communication and leadership programmes for organisations since 2000 and is passionate about helping people increase their confidence, impact and results in life through fun, practical talks and workshops. Alongside other clients, she have been involved with Heathrow Airport on various skills, mindset and behaviour change projects since September 2013. At this year's TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWellsWomen event, she'll be giving us a glimpse into the future of robotics and how they'll impact our lives.

Here's why Laura will give a terrific TEDx talk: Laura has a background in Human Psychology, and is fascinated with the impact that robots, smart automation and Artificial Intelligence will have on future workplaces. As front line jobs become increasingly automated, it will require a shift in leadership focus to ensure teams remain switched on: motivated, safe and vigilant in their work. During these transition years, the robots will only ‘take over’ if us humans switch off. The key will be to create a Silicon Symbiosis – where technology complements rather than competes. A thriving workplace will be one that focuses people on the aspects of a job that are beyond an algorithm.

Long term, this will impact how society needs to prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s jobs. Right now, leaders need to be focusing on the human skills to create a living workplaceover the next decade as we see the enormous changes that AI will bring.

We all love TED 'round here! Here are some TED talks Laura especially enjoys: Derek Sivers: How to Start a Movement as it makes leadership less lofty and more accessible. Likewise for Drew Dudley: Leading With LollipopsBrené Brown: The Power of Vulnerabilitywas life-changing for Laura, and Matt Cutts: Try Something New for 30 Days is the TED talk she's passed on the most.

Laura wants you to walk away from her talk: Feeling inspired to refresh the way they view technology in our lives. Laura believes technology should complement rather than compete for our attention at home and work and she wants audience members to find the practical tips she shares useful as a way to identify what to prioritise in our lives. She also wants us to feel more optimistic about how we can contribute to today’s children having a meaningful career ahead of them.

Learn more about Laura on: Her website